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Crafty Cook and Decorate all of our food dishes with love

Crafty Cook and Decorate all of our food dishes with love

Mike and I are currently in Tokyo. Our place does happen to have a kitchenette (with the cutest two tiny burner stovetop), but I have to admit that we haven’t really used it much, aside from making some cozy oden at home. The grocery stores here in Tokyo have so many amazing oden things! I want to cook something and post it soon because I absolutely love grocery shopping here. It’s so fun to see what produce people buy and what’s popular. I’ll manage to cook at least one thing here, I hope. Is there anything you’re hoping to see, Tokyo post-wise? Maybe a photo tour of a typical grocery store? Or is that just something weird that I’d be into? Please let me know and in the meantime, here are 10 super cozy Japanese inspired recipes that you can make right at home to get you through the winter!

1. Fluffy Japanese Pancakes
I know, I know, pancakes aren’t really a winter food, but they are Japanese and they really are cozy. Spend a snowy morning mastering these towers of fluff. You won’t be disappointed!

Japanese Nikujaga Beef Stew Recipe | www.iamafoodblog.com2. Nikujaga
Nikujaga translates to meat and potatoes! It’s a super homey, super yummy quick and easy Japanese beef stew made with thinly sliced beef, potatoes, sake, soy, mirin, dashi, carrots, and if you are into it, konnyaku! I love it, it’s one of my favorite things to eat in the winter.

I have to confess: I’ve eaten like 6 convenience store egg salad sandos while here in Tokyo. They’re really good! But if you’re not hopping on a plane anytime soon, don’t worry, this recipe has got your back! Japanese egg salad is really easy to make, I hope you give it a try!

Super savory duck ramen with soba noodles instead of ramen noodles because the nuttiness of soba goes perfectly with the juiciness of duck.

You’re only 7-10 ingredients and oh, about 10 minutes away from this healthy delicious chicken udon recipe. Like chicken noodle soup but with a Japanese udon twist.

6. Turkey Curry Udon
Speaking of udon, if you haven’t had Japanese curry and udon together, please, please try it! The thick slightly sweet savory curry sauce goes perfectly with those thick chewy noodles.

Super tender slow braised pork shoulder perfect for topping off ramen, rice bowls, or even eating in tacos 🙂

8. Miso Soup the Right Way
Ever wonder why your miso soup at home doesn’t quite taste like what you think it should? Read this post to find out how to make it the right way!

Yaki Imo: Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes | www.iamafoodblog.com9. Yaki Imo Roasted Sweet Potatoes
It isn’t winter if you haven’t had a roasted sweet potato. Golden and fluffy, sweet and creamy and so comforting. If you can’t find a Japanese variety of sweet potato, really, any sweet potato will do!

10. Tamago Yaki and Rice
This is a super simple way of making tamago yaki – that bright yellow egg sushi that everyone (or is it just me?) loves. It’s a deconstructed sushi, kind of. Soft scrambled eggs seasoned with sugar, soy, and mirin on fluffy rice. Heaven.

That’s it! I hope this has inspired you a bit and I hope you’re keeping warm and eating all the delicious winter things!
xoxo steph


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